Advanced Norm & WB Johnsonᵀᴹ DSM-525 Meter Training

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This bundle includes our Advanced Norm Online Training course and our WB Johnsonᵀᴹ DSM-525 NORM Meter Training.

The Advanced NORM Training is comprised of three modules:

  • Module 1 is the NORM Awareness Training where the learner is provided a basic overview of what NORM is, its hazards, and how to protect themselves.
  • Module 2 is the NORM Worker Training, which covers basic safe work practices, including what PPE to use and what procedures should be implemented.
  • Module 3 informs the learner how to manage NORM. Detection equipment, PPE requirements, procedures, transportation, and waste management are addressed.

After completing ALARA's Advanced NORM Training, the learner will:

  • Know when and why NORM is a workplace concern
  • Become familiar with NORM detection equipment
  • Know the NORM PPE requirements for different work scenarios
  • Know important NORM Procedures and how and where to implement them
  • Know the proper characterization, management, and disposal of NORM waste

After completing ALARA’s WB Johnsonᵀᴹ DSM-525 NORM Meter Training, the learner will know:

  • The key components of the meter
  • How the detectors function
  • How to operate the meter
  • How to inspect the meter before use
  • How to interpret measurements and readings

It is recommended that you have your survey meter in front of you when taking this course.

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Advanced NORM Training is for individuals who are responsible for organizing or supervising work involving NORM.
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Learn key components of the meter and how to inspect, operate, and interpret the measurements and readings.
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